Although there are many other websites that buy all sorts of memorabilia ranging from action figures to pulp magazines, I have chosen only to buy vintage movie posters or other pieces of classic movie memorabilia.

- I DO NOT BUY  Reproductions of any kind

Common Reproduction sizes (not original movie posters) are:

  • - 24"x 36"
  • - 20"x 30"
  • - 11"x 17"
  • - and anything slightly smaller than a standard size one sheet approximately 26"x 39".

Just because a poster has an NSS tagline, NSS number, and a GAU (printer's union) logo, does not necessarily mean it is an original movie poster. There are many fakes and reprints that have these printed on them to make the fake appear more authentic.

Films that are very popular usually have all kinds of reproductions. Some are licensed and many others are unlicensed (bootlegs). Reproduction posters are not very collectible and usually have little if any value. eBay sellers offer many reproductions, so beware. Sometimes reproductions are so close in quality to originals that it is VERY hard to tell them apart. It truly is “buyer beware”. EBay has become a haven for criminal activity, and EBay is unwilling and/or powerless to stop it.

- I DO NOT BUY  Video store posters

Video posters are NOT "Original Movie Posters". The video poster is issued to advertise the movie’s release on videotape or dvd, not during the film’s original theatrical release. They are often referred to as Original Video Posters and usually have very little value.

- I DO NOT BUY  Movie Posters after 1970


- I DO NOT BUY  Portal Publications Posters

In the 1960's and 1970's several companies, the most well-known was Portal Publications. They reproduced a number of vintage movie posters.  These posters are easy to identify as reproductions.

  • 1. Their size of 24" x 36" was NOT a poster size not produced by any movie studio for display in theaters. The standard "one sheet" size movie poster was always 27" x 41".
  • 2. At the bottom of the poster is a clearly printed "copyright Portal Publications". It has the original release date of the film, but it still is not an original.
  • 3. Portal Publications posters were printed on a flat stock.
  • 4. They are not original and are virtually worthless.

- I DO NOT BUY  Magazines


- I DO NOT BUY  Movie cigarette or post cards

Cigarette cards are trade cards issued by tobacco manufacturers to stiffen cigarette packaging and advertise cigarette brands. The soft paper packets containing the cigarettes left the contents vulnerable to damage and so a ‘stiffener’ was included. These early cards often featured photographs of leading actresses, politicians and celebrities of the day. The size of the cigarette card in particular was dictated to a great extent by the size of the packet that it was inserted into. For more information go to the articles on cigarette cards in Wikipedia or to Card World.


- I DO NOT BUY  Video tapes


- I DO NOT BUY  Reels of film


- I DO NOT BUY  Projectors or projection equipment


- I DO NOT BUY  Books

If you have such items, please look elsewhere to sell them.

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