Welcome to Ralph Deluca.com!

Welcome to Ralph Deluca.com!

You've come to the right place if you are looking to sell classic, original vintage movie posters, photographs, lobby cards and other movie memorabilia!

Don't do anything with your items until you contact me!

Want to Sell Vintage Movie Posters or Original Movie Posters?

You may be leaving serious $$$ on the table by not letting me know what you have for sale. Please call me first, or call me last - Just make sure you contact me as I am a professional appraiser and willing to pay top dollar for your movie posters and memorabilia! Selling to me is the smart alternative to dealing with the hassles of online auctions and auction houses!

I will always pay high prices for:

  • original movie posters
  • movie memorabilia
  • vintage concert posters
  • original music posters
  • vintage lobby cards
  • old movie photos
  • old movie photo archives and film
  • boxing style concert posters

I am constantly buying old movie poster collections from archives, estates, accumulations and individuals.

What Type of Movie Memorabilia am I Looking for?

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I will pay you a huge finders fee every time your referral results
in a purchase of vintage movie items.

Click here to contact me about your movie posters or call me
toll-free at (800) 392-4050 for a accurate and free appraisal today.

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