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You've come to the right place if you are looking to sell classic, original vintage movie posters, photographs, lobby cards and other movie memorabilia!

If you are looking to sell your memorabilia, you have come to the right place!  Specializing in vintage movie posters, Ralph DeLuca is a prolific collector and a professional appraiser  of memorabilia of all types. 

Ralph offers free appraisals for a wide variety of memorabilia, ranging from vintage movie posters and antique lobby cards to concert posters, baseball cards, and photography.  He has the knowledge to help you understand the value of your vintage items, and will help you capitalize on their value.  No one will pay you more for your memorabilia.

"Vintage movies are a serious obsession of mine.  After over a decade devoted to collecting movie memorabilia, I have amassed an incredible collection of movie memorabilia – a collection that I am always looking to expand.  I purchase vintage collectibles from heirs, estates, dealers, other collectors such as myself, as well as anyone who has original movie posters and other movie memorabilia that they are looking to sell.  As a professional appraiser, I also help people determine the value of their movie memorabilia to ensure they get the best value for their items.  I’m pleased to be able to share some of my collection with you here on this website.  Scroll down to see some examples of memorabilia I have purchased." 

Ralph DeLuca


All posters above were purchased by Ralph  DeLuca

Movie Memorabilia Finders Fee:

Ralph DeLuca will pay a finders fee to anyone who points him to a lead that results in a purchase of either a single piece or an entire collection of vintage movie items. Upon completion of the transaction Ralph DeLuca will pay a finders fee equal to an agreed upon % of the purchase price. This is usually 10%. All transactions are confidential. Whether you are a dealer or collector Ralph DeLuca is open to leads. This offer is applicable to those people who Ralph DeLuca has not worked with before.


I will always pay high prices for:

  • - original movie posters
  • - movie memorabilia
  • - vintage concert posters
  • - original music posters
  • - vintage lobby cards
  • - old movie photos / stills
  • - old movie photo archives and film
  • - boxing style concert posters



Examples of Original Movie Posters I Have Purchased


(Warner Brothers, 1942)
Insert (14" X 36")
Grade: VF- 7.5
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $83,650.00
2014 July 19 - 20
Auction - Dallas, Texas
(Paramount, 1923)
One Sheet (27" X 41") Style A
Grade: FN/VF 7.0
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $89,625.00
2009 July
Auction - Dallas, Texas



Examples of Original Movie Lobby Cards I Have Purchased


A Night at the Opera
MGM, 1935
Lobby Card (11" X 14")
Grade: VF 8.0
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $2600.00
March 18, 2005
Auction - Dallas, Texas
The Unholy Three
(MGM, 1930)
Lobby Card (11" X 14")
Grade: FN/VF 7.0
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $4,481.25
Nov 13, 2009
Auction - Dallas, Texas


Vintage Movies: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Movies have captured the hearts and imaginations of people since the beginning of film. As the ultimate vehicle for storytelling, movies have the ability to transport us to another place and time. Great movies allow us to enter into other worlds, becoming lost in the characters for a few hours. We are granted access to feelings and emotions that we rarely get to experience in our day-to-day lives. Films provide us with such a wide variety of experiences, from high adventure to more subtle revelations about the human condition.

Vintage movies take us on a trip down memory lane, reminding us not only of why we love a particular film, but also helping us recall where we were in our lives when the movie first came out. The wonderful feeling of nostalgia we get from classic films is one of the reasons people love collecting vintage movie memorabilia. Vintage movie posters, unlike movie posters of today, are typically illustrations – real works of art. Original movie posters remind us of everything we love about those classic films. Not only are they beautiful, but many original movie posters are also rare, and therefore especially valued.



Examples of Original Movie Portrait Stills I Have Purchased


Carole Lombard by Edwin Bower Hesser
Fox, 1920s
Portrait Still (10.25" X 13")
Grade: VF- 7.5
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $3,107.00
Nov 11, 2009
Auction - Dallas, Texas
Jean Harlow
"Red-Headed Woman"
(MGM, 1932)
Color Portrait (11" X 14").
Grade: FN 6.0
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $310.70
Nov 11, 2009
Auction - Dallas, Texas



Examples of Vintage Misc. Memorabilia I Have Purchased


UFA Exhibitor Book
(UFA, 1925-1926)s
180 Pages, (9" X 12")
Grade: VF 8.0
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $3,107.00
July 16, 2011
Auction - Dallas, Texas


Jack Nicholson's Chinatown Annotated Script
180 Pages, (9" X 12")
Grade: N/A
Bought by Ralph DeLuca for: $14,340.00
July 17, 2010
Location: Beverly Hills, CA



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