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So you have a vintage movie poster (or other piece of classic movie memorabilia) and are hoping to sell it. Getting an accurate appraisal for your movie posters can be challenging because of all of the variables that make one poster worth only a few dollars but another worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Finding a knowledgeable collector who understands the true market value of your poster should be your first step.  Without a seriously experienced guide, it is easy to fail to get the money your posters are worth.

Experienced and Fair Appraisals for your Art

Vintage movies are my passion.  I have spent many years collecting all forms of classic movie memorabilia, and I am one of the largest movie poster collectors in the world.  As an avid collector, I am intimately knowledgeable on the current value of movie memorabilia, and I am always willing to spend top dollar to expand my collection.  You can check out some of the examples of classic movie memorabilia I have purchased below.

I would encourage you to contact me about any movie memorabilia you may have. I will help guide you through the process of getting the most money for your memorabilia.  As a professional appraiser I can help you determine the true value of any item you may have, at no cost to you. As a private collector, I can offer you a full cash payment for your items.  Even if I am not personally interested in purchasing your items, I am happy to refer you to other private collectors.

After determining the value of your classic movie poster, you also have the option of trying to sell through an auction house.  However, I would generally advise you to sell through a private collector because selling through an auction house is inherently riskier and more complicated.  Not only are there fees that reduce the amount of money you will end up taking home, but there is no guarantee that your poster will sell for its true value.

Fair and Free Movie Poster Appraisals, Fast Cash

If you have movie posters or any other movie memorabilia from before 1980, I’d love to talk to you about your items and offer you a free appraisal.  If you are interested in selling me your movie memorabilia, I will pay you in cash without any hidden fees.

I collect all original memorabilia, US and foreign, in all sizes and in any condition.
Call me now at 1-800-392-4050 for a free appraisal.

Here are some examples of vintage movies posters and other classic movie memorabilia that I have purchased:

Original Vintage Movie Posters
Movie posters have been used to advertise films since the earliest public showings of movies.  While today’s movie posters typically show photographs of the main actors, illustrations are far more common on vintage movie posters.  I am interested in your original vintage movie posters in all sizes and in any condition.

Original Lobby Cards
Lobby cards are similar to posters but smaller, measuring 14 inches by 11 inches, and were printed to display in theater lobbies.  A full set of lobby cards usually consists of eight cards (although some lobby card sets include up to 12 cards), including one title card and seven scene cards each featuring a different scene from the film.]

Original Movie Photos and Film Stills
The main purpose of film stills /publicity stills from the Silent Period through Golden Age of Movies was to help studios advertise and promote their new films and stars. A “still” photographer worked on set although was not directly involved in the making of a film. The movie studio included these images in press kits, sent to movie theaters to help them promote the latest offerings, and to publicize the film and actors via magazines, newspapers and other media. The most popular kinds of film stills are those portraying glamour, menace, or gag interpretations. It can sometimes be very difficult to identify original, collectible material since there is a huge market specializing in both standard re-issues and later printings.

Original Hollywood Photography and Portraits
During Hollywood's golden age (1926-1949), the publicity shots taken of some of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood have become highly desirable by movie memorabilia collectors. The Depression era Hollywood publicity photographs are beautifully composed via light, shadows, make-up, and props. Original black-and-white Hollywood photography and portraits are truly captivating projecting a nonpariel glamour.

Classic movies made before 1980 were marketed to movie theaters and film distributors through pressbooks, which contained promotional materials, including information about the main actors and illustrations of advertisements.

Campaign and Exhibitor Books
Campaign books, like pressbooks, were used to buy movie studios to market vintage movies.  Campaign books were typically hardcover bound books that contained information about the movie stars and plot of the film.  Campaign kits also included promotional ideas and copies of advertising materials such as movie posters.

Glass Slides
Glass slides were shown between films and used much the way movies trailers are used today.  Glass slides measure 3 ¼ inches by 4 inches and promoted upcoming movies or advertised local businesses.  Earlier slides are made up of two layers of glass with a painted surface between the glass layers.  Later slides have only one layer of glass with an exposed painted surface.

Photoplay Edition Books
During the silent-film and early-sound years, movies were known as “photoplays.”  Photoplay edition books can either be novel reprints that have been illustrated with scenes from the film, or novel-versions of a film.

Standees and Theater Displays
A standee is a large self-standing display promoting a movie, product or event. Standees are also referred to as lobby stands in the film industry.

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