Selling Your Classic Vintage Concert or Music Posters


Were you (or someone you know) ever a booking agent, concert promoter or talent manager? Please contact me, as I'm always looking to gather new information and find vintage concert posters and other memorabilia. I'd love to hear from you.



What Type of Vintage Concert Items Am I Looking For?


  • Original Vintage Music and Concert Posters and Handbills, from the 1920s - 1960s (All Sizes - Any Condition!)
  • Jazz posters, Blues posters, R&B posters, Soul posters, Rock posters, Country posters, and Gospel music posters - vintage music posters of all types!
  • Boxing Style Concert Posters
  • Cardboard Concert Posters
  • Psychedelic Posters
  • Personal Apperance Posters for Stand-Up Comedians
  • Record Store Promo Posters
  • Any 1950's Rock & Roll Show Posters
  • Any early R&B concert posters
  • Any 1950's or 1960's Black Music Posters
  • Any Early or Mid 60's Folk Music Posters
  • Any Motown or Motortown Review Posters
  • Any Little Stevie Wonder concert posters
  • Old Tour Posters
  • Vintage Gig Posters
  • Posters for Shows presented by the Shaw Artists corporation
  • Posters for shows represented by Joe Glaser
  • Any Woody Guthrie concert posters
  • Any 60's Beatles, Rolling Stones or British Invasion Posters
  • Any Early 60's Surf Posters
  • Acid Tests, Trips Festivals, Love In’s
  • Early Bob Dylan concert Posters
  • Early Psychedelic Posters
  • Any Biggest Show of Stars Posters
  • Any Elvis Presley concert Posters
  • Any concert posters printed by Globe Posters of Baltimore
  • Any posters printed by Colby Poster Printing
  • Any poster printed by Murray Poster Printing Co. of New York City
  • Any posters printed by Woolever Press of Los Angeles
  • Any posters printed by TILGHMAN PRESS of Oakland
  • Billie Holiday
  • Charlie Parker
  • Hank Williams
  • Any posters of Fantabulous Rock 'n' Roll Shows
  • Any Buddy Holly concert posters
  • Any boxing style Otis Redding poster
  • Any multi-artist cardboard concert posters from the '50s and '60s
  • Howlin Wolf
  • Elmore James
  • Any early Jerry Lee Lewis appearance posters
  • Any Blues concert Posters


This is by no means a complete list - please let me know what vintage music items you have. I may be looking for what you have!


Vintage Music Concert Items Finders Fee:

I am happy to pay a finders fee to anyone who gives me a lead that results in a purchase of either a single piece or an entire collection of vintage concert items. Upon completion of the transaction I, Ralph DeLuca, will pay a finders fee equal to an agreed upon %, which is often 10% of the purchase price. All transactions are confidential. Whether you are a dealer or collector I am open to leads. PLEASE NOTE: This offer is applicable to those people I have not worked with in the past.

I collect all Original Vintage Music and Concert Posters and Handbills, from the 1920s - 1960s in all sizes and in any condition.

Call me now at 1-800-392-4050 for a free appraisal OR fill out my CONTACT FORM.

Original Vintage Concert Posters

Music concert posters have been used to advertise artists since the earliest public concerts or shows.   I am interested in your original vintage music posters in all sizes and in any condition.



Do You Have Any Music Posters or Memorabilia of These Artists?


B.B. King
Billie Holiday
Buddy Holly
Cab Calloway
Duke Ellington
Elvis Presley
Erskine Hawkins
Fats Waller
Frankie Lymon
Hank Williams
Jack Teagarden
Jackie Wilson
James Brown
Jerry Lee Lews
Johnny Cash
Lionel Hampton
Louis Jordan
Lowell Fulson
Marvin Gaye
Ray Charles
Roy Milton
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Thelonius Monk


The six concert posters below were all purchased by me.





Why Contact me About Selling Your Music Posters?

I know vintage concert posters. I have been collecting for years. Determining whether a concert poster is genuine or a phony requires expertise and experience. I can help you determine whether or not the concert / music poster is the real deal.

I want to know where a vintage concert poster and other memorabilia came from.  For instance if a person acquired a Jerry Lewis music poster from the estate of the manager of the artist versus at a garage sale in his/her mother’s neighborhood outside of Lansing Michigan I would be more inclined to believe it might be genuine. However there are a number of other factors I always consider.

I also check to see if the poster were printed before the event. A genuine concert poster would have been used in advertising the concert, thus any poster printer after the event would be a fraud or justb a commemorative poster.

There are a lot of bootleg posters within the marketplace. As an experienced collector and appraiser, I have seen my share of  “counterfeit,” “bootleg”, “knock-off,” and commemorative music concert posters that sellers believe are genuine.

Fair Appraisals, Fast Cash

I have bought vintage music and rock posters from heirs, estates, dealers and other passionate collectors like myself for many years now. I'll help you determine the real value of your vintage music items, with instant cash offers. No one will pay you more!




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