Request a Movie Poster Appraisal

Thank you for your interest. I get over 100 phone calls and emails every single day, and filling out this form completely will ensure that I will get back to you as quickly as possible!

Or you can call me right now at (800) 392-4050

Enter a quick description of what you are selling (movie posters, lobby cards, photographs, etc). Also very important, please include the year or decade of the item.
Three things are requested for each item entered here a) movie title b) year or decade of movie c) the size of your poster. (Example: Casablanca, 1942, 11x14) You don't need to describe the movies - just the title, year and size is all you need to provide. Including the size (the dimensions of your poster) is extremely important and is the first step in helping determining if what you have is real or a reproduction.
Providing images are not necessary, If you like though you can attach pictures up to 5 megs.
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