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Movie Poster Auctions

I often get asked by people if it is a good idea to sell their movie posters or lobby cards through a movie poster auction. There are several auction houses that occasionally have poster auctions and consigning your movie posters to them can be an option. Unless you find a serious collector like myself, people can have a difficult time selling their posters for a good price. One of the main reasons I started my website is so collectors of posters, or anyone who has memorabilia can find me and deal directly with a collector; myself. Read more about Movie Poster Auctions appraisals

Movie Poster Grading Service?

As a follow up to the post I made the other day about third party poster authentication, the subject also brings up the issue of third party movie poster grading. Typically collectors counted on the dealers and auction houses they bought their posters from for grading, and of course would use their own eyes once receiving the poster to back that up. It has been this way for over 20 years, and some ask why should that change. Read more about Movie Poster Grading Service? appraisals

Movie Poster Authentication service?

With the recent events of all the fake horror lobby cards and movie posters, collectors and dealers are now pondering the idea of a third party company that will authenticate and possibly grade movie posters. It has been done with coins, stamps, baseball cards and even comic books, so movie posters may be the next logical choice. Slabbing is the term used for those other collectibles, meaning the item is placed inside a tamper proof plastic case with a unique serial number. Read more about Movie Poster Authentication service? appraisals

Horror movie poster fakes

Son of Frankenstein 1939

There has been some great concern lately, and rightfully so, about a major scandal going on in our hobby about fake posters, lobby cards, and window cards.

Being that I was one of the victims, and am very familiar with the situation and all involved I felt in necessary to report the following:

To date, the ONLY items being faked are 1930's-1940's, horror movie posters, window cards, and lobby cards, including all known reissues for the Universal horror films. Read more about Horror movie poster fakes appraisals

Silent Movies Are Subject of New Library Publication

From their birth in the 1890s with the earliest narrative shorts, through the full-length features of the1920s, silent movies have captured the American imagination. These artifacts of a fledgling industry continue to engage viewers 80 years after the release of "The Jazz Singer," starring Al Jolson, the first full-length feature film to incorporate synchronized dialogue and thereby herald the age of the "talkies."
Read more about Silent Movies Are Subject of New Library Publication appraisals

Theatrical Poster for Juno Revealed

A possible version of the movie poster for Jason Reitman's newest movie, Juno, is available on the internet. Reitman also is responsible for the movie Thank you for Smoking. Read more about Theatrical Poster for Juno Revealed appraisals

To Sell or Not to Sell?

If you're wondering whether you should sell your movie poster or hang onto it a little longer, contact me to find out how much the poster might increase in value if you hold onto it longer. Remember that I pay top dollar for movie posters if they're something I'm looking for to complete my collection.
Ralph Deluca
Madison New Jersey Read more about To Sell or Not to Sell? appraisals

Selling Movie Posters

Speaking of selling movie posters (sorry, I'm an avid movie poster collector!), I understand completely if you want to talk to one or a few possible buyers before selling your movie memorabilia. It's smart. All I'm saying is contact me too. I spend a lot of money to acquire the movie posters I want. If you're selling a movie poster, selling a lobby card or selling any kind of movie memorabilia, you'll want to talk to me.
Ralph Deluca,
Madison, New Jersey Read more about Selling Movie Posters appraisals

Sell Movie Posters

So you're looking to sell a movie poster?
There's a lot of information out there on the web about how much it might be worth. If you want someone's opinion who has been in the business for 'quite a few years', make sure to contact me before you sell the movie poster to someone else.
Talk to the others too if you want, but I'm a serious and avid collector. Huge finders fees paid immediately!
Ralph Deluca,
Madison New Jersey Read more about Sell Movie Posters appraisals

Movie Poster to 'Lost' Creator Abrams' Mystery Project Leaked

According to a blog source:

What is believed to be the poster for the film appeared briefly in the window of a South California collectibles shop “Frank and Sons,” and was subsequently removed as the shop shut down.  Currently, signs advertising Comic Con and the G4 network are hanging in the place of the poster.


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