Appraisals by Ralph DeLuca

Movie Poster Appraisals

Please contact me for an accurate art appraisal on one item or your entire movie collection.

I have worked with many private collectors, institutions, and estates to authenticate and appraise movie posters, concert posters, film, photos and lobby cards.

Appraisals by Ralph DeLuca are objective, real-world estimates of the true current market value of your items.

Experienced and Fair Appraisals for your Art

My years of experience as a collector and buyer of classic movie memorabilia, music posters and film or photos helps to cut through the hype and hustle to determine what your items are really worth, right now.

I can also provide you with instant cash offers on any of your items, making the transaction much simpler and quicker than going through online auctions or auction houses.

Please have as much information about the items for appraisal and pictures if possible.

You will not be disappointed with my concert or movie poster appraisals values and you will gain valuable insight as to the true worth of your items.

Please click here to contact me by email or call me anytime at
(800) 392-4050 or (973) 377-1007

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