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Ralph DeLuca Knows Vintage Movie Posters


My name is Ralph and I have an addiction to old movies. As long as I can remember, I’ve needed a regular fix of movie memorabilia: vintage movie posters, old movie stills, and lobby cards from movie theaters.

So, for the last ten years, to feed my movie memorabilia hunger, I’ve been a "leading man" - the leading man in buying vintage movie posters and memorabilia.

Like everyone else who has bid, bought, sold, auctioned, shown, saved and exhibited, I've lost sleep over the great poster or photograph that got away... I have bought art from heirs, estates, other addicts like myself and dealers.


Simply stated: I want to buy your classic movie posters, concert posters, lobby cards, vintages photos, when you are ready to sell.....Ralph DeLuca

Any image on this site purchased by Ralph DeLuca will be identified.

All other images are examples of the type of movie memorabilia Ralph DeLuca is looking to purchase.




Why Me and Not Ebay or an Auction House?

People who use auction houses or online auctions for selling their movie related items must typically wait 6 months or more to get an item into the sale cycle.

Then, they pay anywhere from 15% to 25%, plus photographic fees, plus listing fees and even fees if something doesn't sell! It is much simpler to contact me for a free appraisal on your items.

There are many sellers, possibly like yourself, who believe they have an original poster and want to sell it on ebay, yet have no idea of its value or even if it is authentic. Do not become a seller of a fake vintage poster. There are plenty of fake vintage movie posters that end up on eBay as it is, offered by unscrupulous sellers. It is much simpler to contact me for a free appraisal on your item. If I am interested I will buy it. If I am not, you will at least be more knowledgeable about what you have.

I offer quick cash for items. I spend over $1,000,000 annually to purchase vintage movie memorabilia. Some of that money could be going to you.



The White Hat Movie Memorabilia Guy

When we're talking about salesrooms, the word "hammer" can have a different meaning. Too many times the hammer hits us over the head, and we don’t get what we hoped to get.

If you feel the way I do, it’s time to contact the movie memorabilia guy wearing the white hat.

I can be your movie memorabilia star and help you get you the most cash - quickly, confidentially and fairly for your original movie poster art.

So, call the others first if you want, BUT MAKE SURE you contact me for the best deal when selling your original movie memorabilia at 800 392-4050




Phone Number: (800) 392-4050 | (973) 377-1007 International | Email Address: sell@ralphdeluca.com